About Us

About Us
The world we live in requires petroleum crude oil in abundant amount to function. From automobiles to aero planes to transportation of goods and service in large numbers; the importance of this product cannot be over emphasized. And as we utilize it for varied purposes, it further puts a strain on it availability on earth. But what's more important is getting this product to the doorsteps of those who need it for their basic survival.

That's why Double Heart crude has come to bridge the gap so that petroleum crude oil moves from their point of origin to refineries, distributors, consumers, and many more.

Double Heart crude, formerly known as Double Heart trucking is a family owned company between Johnnie Plumlee and his wife of 37 years, Wanda, and was founded in 2005 before transiting to a Limited Liability Company in 2012.

We have, over the years, delivered oustanding values in terms quality and timely deliveries of petroleum crude oil to a wide range of highly esteemed customers.

Double Heart Crude is a value-driven oil transportation company that specializes in delivering petroleum crude oil UNI267 to consumers across Texas and its environs. We strive so hard to create an atmosphere of satisfaction, excellent service delivery, and a sense of value at every point in time.

With our vast experience in the various aspects of crude truck processes--- which has given us a unique edge--- has made us more poised to serve our customers better. We have gone through the tutelages of the best hands in the industry to learn the procedures and processes involved in crude oil business as far back as 1981, long before the dream of Double Heart Crude was birth forth.

Our growth over the years is demonstrated through partnerships, as we’re currently engage in contracts with Sunoco Logistics (with Sunoco being our largest partner), CIMA, and Connect Transport to efficiently and effectively expand our frontiers for the sake of our stakeholders which we’ve continued  to served better through exceptional and prompt service delivery.

To attest to our growth rate, our revenue hit approximately $2.3 million in 2013 and subsequently grew to $3.8 million in 2014.
And our cargo insurance is quite reassuring too, in the value of $5 million to repose the customers’ confidence.

Our Vision
Through an unparallel customer service and our highly innovative product offering, committed work force and also cutting- edge technology, we aspire to become one of the leading crude oil transportation companies across the United States.

Our Mission
  • To provide great value for money with respect to the services we render to customers
  • To provide efficient and highly reliable distribution solutions for crude oil
  • To be a dominant voice in the wholesale and retail distribution of unrefined crude oil and refined petroleum products across the United State.
  • To make readily available a work-friendly environment for our team of highly trained staff and also customers in line with global best practices of health and safety.
Our work force

 We have accomplished much and have kept growing exponentially. This is attributable to the well-trained and highly competence and experienced staff at Double Heart Crude. They consist of:
  • 30 highly experienced truck driver
  • 3 competence office employees
  • A shop mechanic and also a mechanic helper
Our asset portfolio

Our asset portfolio has kept us afloat in this industry. They include:
  • 9 company owned trucks
  • 12 company owned tanker trailers
  • 15 owned operated leased trucks with trailer leased to DHC
Why you should choose us

With accumulated experience spanning over 9- years, we can authoritative infer that we have paid our dues and pride ourselves as one of the best in the industry. To this end, our value preposition is best exemplified in:
  • Our commitment to exceptional and prompt service delivery
  • Going that extra mile to meet up with customers’ demand in spite of tight schedules.
  • Striving so hard to ensure customer satisfaction at all times; that’s our priority
  • Quick access to bill of laden to each load that’s being transported through the use of electronic ticketing system at our disposal.
Additionally, we undertake hiring service that runs only in Texas.